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From: Rob Howard & Jeff Bode


Dear Online Marketering Friends,


I ...hate ...writing articles!... to me, it's the least leveragable system to drive traffic online. I barely spend any time on it, and instead focus on other traffic methods...


But then one morning it hit me like a ton of bricks...


What if I started using a whole new approach to writing articles?

"In fact," I thought "If I could do this, it would cut hours off of my writing time...and with the right experimentation, I could dominate article writing...because no one is doing it this way...

So I got to work...and after a few days of testing, I was shocked at the results..


My Articles Were Producing A Shocking

30% to 70% Clickthru Rates!


But that wasn't enough for me...I had to figure out how to dominate the SEARCH ENGINES by using Ezinearticles very own interlinking structure...

And finally I have done it...


What makes this system super powerful?




Video 1: Planning Your Article For Top Traffic


How to steal your competitors best ideas including their exact keywords!


Get ranked in Google and steal traffic from the top articles in your niche... Litteraly take their place and get all the visitors their successful article is getting.


This means rabid buyers going to your site, not theirs!


Take out the boring reading of 99% of articles and quickly produce a much more effective article using the best information from other articles and making it unique and more compelling

Video 2: Killer Article Writing


You get to watch, over my shoulder, as I write a demo high converting article!


You'll see how quickly it takes to churn out a high quality, pre-selling, monster that has your visitors begging to go to your site!


You'll get interested prospects to read through your article quickly and easily


...without the bordom that 99% of articles have that is literally killing their results!


'Simple Formula Approach' - crank out effective articles at lightning speed!


How to create a great article headline - this is very important!


'The friendship booster' - get readers interested by showing you're like them making you a trusted friend as a result you get more clicks and sales!

Use Conversational Curiousity and Desire to keep them interested!


'The Secret and Naming System' this you don't want to miss because you have instant compelling content and structure for your article.


How to avoid the resource box that kills your chances at getting visitors to your site and a far better solution.


This just makes it unfair for the competition... when you see how it works, you'll never write the same again!

Video 3: Formatting For Maximum Effect


Listen, The main goal of your article is to get traffic to your website.


Eliminate the bordom of the 'white sheet' most article marketers use


Instantly attract skimmers to your site - this alone will allow you to get a large and increasing group of skimmers to go directly to your site (people want fast results online)


'Simple Formatting System' to quickly make all of your writing more interesting and compelling for more clicks without thinking about it!


Video 4: Killer CTR & Bio Box Secrets


The secret ingrediant that simply gets more visitors to your site than 98.7% of the other article writers -don't miss this!


This is where the magic happens and they either leave to another article (you don't want that)


...or you suck them into your site by creating a bio box that draws them to your site, works amazing!


'The Picture Rule' use your picture to draw people to your link!


'Draw The Eyes To Your Link' the special strategy that makes your link stand out like crazy... and get more clicks!


Video 5: Massive Traffic And Instant Approvals


The final piece of the puzzle, this will explode your article traffic and may be considered a little "black hat" but it's totally legal and works like crazy!


...your competition will be left wondering how you knocked them out of the top spot so quickly!


Quality traffic for life... cost less than PPC


'Super Link Juice' get more views for all your articles with a small investment and no extra time (investment optional)

PDF Templete: Step By Step Crank Out Articles At Super Speed


This step by step guide and template (with examples) will have you cranking out high converting articles at lightning speed... need I say more?


I tell you exactly what to do and what to include in your article for sky high traffic to your site with nothing held back... no stone unturned





How To Write 90 Articles in Only 3 Days

This simple system makes writing articles insanely easy and fast...


In fact you could expand on the ideas in this report and create unlimited articles in record time...


You could even outsource this method and get articles created super fast and cheap!


Submit them to multiple directories and you now have a massive amount of traffic, backlinks and eagar buyers - How cool is that?

2 More High Converting 5 Minute Article Examples
Why not watch these videos as I create more traffic pulling articles afterall it only takes a few minutes to create these articles...
You'll see a slightly different effective way to use this powerful article writing system, so you can create more dominating articles quickly and easily!

"This makes it so much easier!"


Thanks so much for your article writing course. I've always struggled with the concept of writing articles and having to compete with all these Ezine 'experts', and it has really been one of the biggest obstacles for me. But this makes it so much easier! In fact, I actually did write an article in 10 minutes that I would happily submit! Amazing stuff!!!


>> Jodie Thwaite




"Bum Marketing on Steroids!"


Your new videos, is really bum marketing on steroids!!


>> HansM




"The Bonus Alone Was Worth It!"


Nice One!

Thanks for the videos...
and thanks for not boring me to death with the same old stuff.


Just one bonus alone was worth the 7 bucks!

I hate writing articles just as much as the next person, but
who want's to let free targeted traffic go to waste!

This is a nice idea you have here!


>> Sarge




"Clickthru Rates Have Shot Straight Up"


I couldn't hardly believe how my clickthrough rates have Shot Straight Up since using your method! Thank you for not keeping this to yourself and allowing us to have an "unfair advantage" too.

And your right, after seeing your method I thought "Doh, how could I have missed this for so long...and right under my nose too!"


>> Rog




"I Have to Say That it is Incredible!"


I've just read through your content and I have to say that it is incredible.


This is the stuff that will take your Click Through Rate those extra %'s up.

I have been struggeling a lot with article marketing but I think the end has come! ...the best I've spend at an ebook so far.


And the bonuses, don't even get me started, why didn't you just sell them seperatly?

When my first next generation articles are upload and have reached over 100 clicks, I'll email you (be ready to expect it really soon )


>> Koos




"Exactly What I Need to Move Forward"


Thanks for the tremendous value!


I have yet to see any success from article marketing-because I have been going about it all wrong! Because my articles have never worked, I started to avoid A.M. So, of course, I have yet to make anything more than chicken feed as far as money.


This course is exactly what I need to move forward.


>> Darvon



"And it Gets Even Better, Because if You Don't Have Success, You Don't Pay!"

Here's what I want you to do. I want you to get your hands on this article marketing super training program right now. Go through just the first 10 minutes of this training program, and if you already don't feel in 10 minutes that you've gotten multiple times your investment today, then I demand you contact me, and I will return every penny of your purchase to you quietly and promptly. No questions asked.


Even Better I'll let you keep the product and make lots of money with it, so you can only stand to gain by saying yes today.


If after 60 days you decide that this course wasn’t right for you, I’ll refund you every penny all you have to do is send me an email with your paypal receipt and I’ll let you keep the entire course.



This May Not Be For You!


As with everything I do and teach, there is work involved. If you still expect to grow your business by doing nothing then this course is not for you.


Let me stress... it is NOT hard!

"Nothing In Internet Marketing is HARD.
So Please, Spare Me the “It's Too Hard” Speech
Because it Simply is Not True..."


Everything can be broken down into manageable chunks and then pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.



I won't say anything more to try to "convince you" to purchase.

You understand that this is killer stuff.




Yes Jeff, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS So I, Can Create Traffic Pulling Articles Fast!

I Want To Download This Immediately Before
The Price Goes Up!


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To your online success,







PS: I've done everything in my power to bring you this amazing video series. You have, at your fingertips, access to the information which has taken me many months to figure out!


All for a measily $1.42 per video


PPS: Remember that you risk nothing, because this is 100% Guaranteed. All the risk is on me...


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